'Natural Elegance' is the brand's philosophy. The designer creates the piece by captured droplet in nature and invented the innovation for jewelry production where the glass was used as its body. While it was touched by sunlight, the jewelry once glittered with light and diamond-like sparks will make it as beautiful as shifting diamond. And the most impressiveness moment is when the jewelry touched by the sunlight at one angle, it will reflect a tiny rainbow.

Initiated with an aim to create the new definition of the luxury of jewelry, the designer; Sasivimol Chaidaroon had developed her award-winning graduation project of jewelry design and launch the brand LA JEWELRY in 2013 and rebranding to Lajewel in 2020.

2013  Winner of the student of Asia awards - Tokyo designers week
2013 KOSE Corporation awards - Tokyo designers week
2014 Design Excellence awards - Department of International Trade
and Promotion Ministry of Commerce in Thailand 
2014 Finalist of Asia Talents awards
2015 Designer of the year (Emerging designer) - Thailand
2016 Best of Casual - Bangkok International Fashion Fair
2017 The Finalist Vogue who's on next Thailand